Our company broke the tradition of sending offers to users, as there is no feedback for most of them, and in addition to that it deprives from valuable working hours. We endevour to give detailed information on our business policy during the personal meetings with our prospective business Clients and receive extensive knowledge about their purchasing practices, present and future supply problems and the scope of the requested products. As per our experience, this way we receive assignments more often and the first successful contract is usually followed by several others.

In order to perform its export-import commercial activites at the highest possible level, Chemopharm Co. Ltd. decided to establish and permanently maintain a quality control system. The goal is to perfom the intermediate commercial activities - who play the interim role in the customer service process - at the same level as the - ready-made, half-made, raw material - product manufacturing activities. The commercial activity should not be the weak link in the goods flow chain. Among the quality requirements of the products, the protection of the quality created by the manufacturer and the observance of that quality come into the focus of attention. By operating the quality control system we would like to help the customers receive the same product quality that were made by the manufacturer without any quality decline.

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