Chemopharm Co. Ltd. was established with the aims and conditions phrased in the Deed of Association signed on 10th May 1999. The owners of the company has been dealing with the foreign trade of chemical products since 1980, partially in the chemical production field (between 1980-1990 as an employee of the North Hungarian Chemical Works), partially in independent trading companies as joint owner and employee (SeM Trade Ltd., INTRACHEM Ltd.). By the registration of the Registry Court, Chemopharm Ltd. has been serving its customers for 10 years.

Based on our twenty years-old professional experience and the databases at our disposal, our company is ready to provide fast and well-established data service for our Clients including supplier market research necessary for achieving the user's Research and Development goals, the raw material supply needed for the everyday production processes, and preparing market research aimed at selling ready-made products.

On of the most crucial factor of our business policy is to be "user-friendly." It means, that in every single case, we take the interest of the user into best consideration and thus do the work that is based on our 10 years-old industrial background. Being "user-friendly" includes the we are aware of the fact the both our market research and everyday foreign trading activity may have/has a direct impact on the present and future production processes of our Clients.

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